Thursday, August 18, 2011

the way life should be...

Dragon Ritual Drummers
Recently my boys and I attended a Pagan Festival. There should have been  a gazillion people there... the Dragon Ritual Drummers were performing! )
The tickets were only $5 in advance! It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. The day started out rough (teenagers that were not excited about waking up before noon can sometimes have an attitude) but with such good energy at the festival even their moods could not remain negative :) There were not as many people there as we expected but all the people there were awesome.

The Pagan community can be cliquish and full of rumors unfortunately and I braced myself and wrapped myself in protective layers... and did not need to! We had such a wonderful time! We played the drums that I made myself, hung out with some of my favoritest little people in the world,  (who I had not seen in TOOO long), had various body parts painted, saw lots of wonderful people, saw performances by belly-dancers, had hula hoop lessons, and then the Dragon Ritual Drummers perform!  We also learned of a local drumming circle that we could almost WALK TO! Our drums will get much more use now!
This is RJ, my 2nd son
I love that my big boys inspired the little one :)
The BOYS are Hula Hooping! :)

Who doesn't like to be Painted?? She was sooo good!
Mom asked for her to take her time. Caitlyn sat for a good 30
minutes just enjoying being painted!!!

While the Dragon Ritual Drummers were performing my dearest friend Lynnie said "Bare that belly, I'm getting my paints!" She was inspired! Far be it from me to stop an artist when she is inspired! ;)
Lynnie is a true artist whose preferred canvas is the human body. She has spoiled me by painting my Baby Bump before. I would sit for her EVERYDAY if I could! She has a wonderful business:  or on Facebook: She can be found at all kinds of local festivals. She is also available for all kinds of events ;) Here are some pictures of the next THREE hours of painting :)

This is my favorite picture from the day,
wish Michael's head was not
chopped off! 

Inspired by the music! :)
What are you painting??? lol She was asked that
a 100 times!!!!
 While we were sitting there unfortunately the Drumming ended, but we were visited by many of the folk that had attended the festival. She was asked at least a hundred times... "What are you painting??" She kept saying "I'm not sure yet. I was just inspired!"  It was such a wonderful day! Wonderful environment, good friends, drumming, singing, and PAINTING!

Adding the dark Celtic swirls

Beautiful Celtic Mandala Close up!
       Having my "Baby Bump" painted is such a beautiful way to honor both Mom and baby! It was truly a sacred process and I was Blessed in so many ways that day! I am loving Co-Creating my Life with the Lord, Lady, My Greenman, My Daughter and I. The surprises that come or way are beautiful and sacred. We are Blessed!
I love this picture. The smile is for Daddy Greenman,
who is taking the picture.

Be Blessed Dear Ones <3

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