Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet My Family

Me and Avalon
"Family," that is such an interesting word. It usually denotes parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and the like including your "family."
I do not speak to the man who helped bring me into this world. He did the best he could but that was not enough  for the person I have become. I am better in my world without him. Its funny because I have a large "family" but my Aunt Marianne is more like a second mother and best friend to me. Her family, Uncle Ray, and my cousins, Amber and Ian are the only ones I consider when I think of family. My Aunt has been with me through every crisis I have had in my life. She has been there to support me in all ways. She has been the "wind beneath my wings" since the death of my Mother, her Sister. The rest of my "family" I have little or no contact with, the absence of their drama and judgment is comforting. With the birth of my daughter coming many have started to reenter my life. I am nervous about this but welcome their love and support. 

I have dear friends that are more like sisters to me than the sister who shares blood with me. My dearest friend Amy just lost her baby Karma. I wanted nothing but to be there with her. We do not see each other enough or talk to each other enough but our friendship is strong. With the upcoming birth of my daughter I want her there. Distance separates us but I miss her daily.

There are others in my Life that I treasure. I have GREAT friends! They are the kind of friends that you drop everything for, which is why they are still in my life. I have one friend who said "I saw your post 'I have 70 pounds of peaches'  that is a friend emergency and I am here." We blanched, cut and jammed peaches for HOURS.  I have friends here in Rochester, and 2 friends in NJ and others over the country! Some of them are closer than any family I have had. I know that when this little girl comes her Auntie Kelly will rock her and hold her and love her! I know that when she starts toddling around Chloe will help her find fairies. I know that I will be able to work semi part time because someone will always be willing to hold my baby for an hour or two and love her as we do. I live in a home because I have a wonderful friend who was able to help provide me with such. Have I ever mentioned that I am Blessed??
But my immediate family consists of my Greenman, our furbabies and our Unborn Daughter, oh yeah and that teenager who, lives with his father and is VERY much a teenager! My lovely son and I do not always see things the same way. His father always tells him... "well you know... your Mom is 'different.'" We look forward to his visits... mostly. His latest visit has been fun as he helped prepare for the birth of his sister.

My Greenman
My Greenman, Michael, is very much like me. He has disowned most of his family and we share the comfort in the lack of communication with our families. It is wonderful to have a partner who has the same feelings as I do. We have similar beliefs and values. We look forward to our future together and have a gazillion goals that we strive for daily. We can do anything as long as we do it together.

My Beautiful Son, Tyler
Tyler: My soon to be 16 year old son is growing up. He is very much like his father in his everyday actions, but then he lives with his father too. I love my son more than he will ever know and am comforted in the fact that he may even recognize that... in about 5 years lol. He is a strong headed, smart boy, who hates mornings... all just like his Mom :) I am proud of my son. I love him and wish only for more time with him.

Our furbabies are:
Mimzy: our 6 year old Black lab. She also responds to the name "Mommy's Girl", because she is just that. My sweet puppy has gotten fairly grey since I brought home our newest addition, Montana, and I am sure when our daughter arrives more grey will appear. She is wonderfully protective and such a loving dog. I rescued her too, as she rescued me.

Montana: our 1 year old tiger, small horse, or Great Dane Puppy (call her what you will). We adopted her from our local shelter and she has become Michael's dog. She worships him in only the way a dog can. What is even neater is Montana is Michael's first dog... you know what they say... "Go big or go home!" ;)

Sparrow: My garden protector whom has already made a few guest appearances in this blog. He is an amazing mouser also. He is the hunter in our group.

Ji Ji 
JiJi: who is Sparrows brother. My beloved JiJi disappeared for a year and came back to use beaten up, with a broken but healed leg (now deformed) and is sweeter than ever and just wants to be loved. We indulge him CONSTANTLY :)

Chulac: who I have nicknamed Choochlac. He was Michael's cat (who am I kidding... he still only likes Michael lol) He is our beautiful long haired boy. He is learning to tolerate me and my affection because I feed him too. Right now he is loving the freedom to roam outside and comes in briefly to eat.

Romeo: is our roommates new cat but he is loving and sweet and a new addition to our "family"

Be Blessed <3

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