Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There are many people in my life who, while visiting my home, claim they are in "HeatherWorld."
My home, my world is a sanctuary.  It is also a place of healing. Greenman and I are both healers. We are conscious of the energy we create in our home. I have been told often by people they needed to stop by to get some "good energy." Recently a friend said she was "free to be" who she is/wants to be when she is here. It made me think. Yes my home is a place to be free and yourself because that is who WE are.
But many people do not live their lives freely. They do what people "expect of them," they live by "other people's rules." 

My Greenman and I are co creating our lives. We are playing by OUR rules. We were at a local poly meeting and decided to order dessert, then realized that we were not satisfied and ordered an appetizer. Others at our table had ordered food before us. We had finished our dessert and our appetizers arrived as their food did. A woman commented that we were smart and why not order dessert first?  I explained to her that she was used to following other peoples rules. I, on the other hand, live by my own rules. I do what is best for ME, and now that includes my family. 

I mentioned we were at a Poly gathering. This is another place in my life where I do not "follow the rules."  My Greenman and I are Polyamorous. I like the way that Wikipedia defines it. "Polyamory, often abbreviated as poly, often described as consensual, ethical, or responsible non-monogamy." This does NOT mean we sleep around, we are NOT swingers.  If we were to have a relationship outside of our relationship it would be thoroughly discussed, with all parties. We have a healthy sex life and communicate our needs. A third would not be about sex but a relationship.
I like what Greenman recently posted about our relationship: we are busy preparing for the birth of our daughter, we are happy and not looking for a third, we are open to the possibility. I think that perfectly describes our relationship! We are ridiculously happy. But while I love him and can not imagine my life without him, I know that I have room for love and sharing love. Also as a soon to be divorcee (woo hoo) I know that love is flexible. My son was conceived and born with love. I loved his father dearly, but we have grown apart.

I am glad that Greenman and I have so much in common and that we have similar goals. We are co creating our world together. Which is why I know that one day we will have a third in our life, with two powerful people co creating our world with such powerful energies combining nothing stands in our way :)  We need to come up with a new name for our Sanctuary... its not just "HeatherWorld" anymore. 

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