Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping up with the Jones??? Who are they and What do THEY have?

I know I have not written in a while... we have been very busy either working or getting ready for the baby! :)
It is a very exciting time in our lives and we look forward to her arrival!!!
It has also been an expensive endeavor, but then again... not REALLY...
I am a part of a birth board on a popular website. I am watching all these woman get ready for the arrival of their little ones. I was SHOCKED to find woman spending $400 on a DIAPER BAG!!!!
I MIGHT spend $400 TOTAL on preparing for this child! (well not counting diapers)
I am so blessed: My Aunt Mare is buying us the Crib we wanted, My BFF from forever gave us a gift card that covers more than half of the travel system that we want, I have wonderful friends that passed down so many things that I can not list them all here, and I have been thrift store and garage sale shopping all summer! We have very few things left  that we  "need" to purchase.
I was talking to my Doctor (I adore her btw) about all the progress we have been making and the plans and she smiled and said... "and she won't care if she sleeps in a laundry basket." True words. Enough said. :)
If I did not have a Great Dane puppy I think we may have waited on the crib ;)

Sparrow waiting to feel her Kick
My little girl will have SOOO much love... Her father is already reading to her, my animals are cuddling up to my belly showing her love too. THAT is what this child needs.
My daughter will have stars on her ceiling so as she grows her parents will be explaining the constellations to her and how truly vast the Universe is, she will have animals to chase, a garden to help grow, laughter in her life, she will be held "too much", she will be carried by both Mom and Dad in slings (yep he will be a babycarrying Daddy), she will have Fairy Houses and Magick in her life.  Years from now she will know that she is LOVED, not wondering what kind of diaper bag she had.
One of my most treasured memories of my son when he was little was him "reading" "The Giving Tree" back to us. He had heard the story so many times that he could recite it. I am sooo happy that I have kept books from when Tyler was a baby. Some treasured books are signed by his Aunt Laurinda and now will be passed on to this little girl.
Do I want to "keep up with the Jones??" Nah, the Jones can have all their clutter... we are cleaning out our clutter to make more room for Love <3

Be Blessed

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