Thursday, January 19, 2012


I think that as Pagans we should held to higher standards. We are nature lovers, and as humans are a part of nature, we should love one another. I am not saying we must blindly love everyone. But we should treat all people with respect and honor. Our behavior speaks volumes.
Everyone has heard the joke about the old lady that screams in traffic, swearing and giving a middle finger as she passes, only to find Christian bumper stickers, or the "Jesus fish" on her car. But can the same be true for us? We are people who embrace different Gods and Goddesses, some Celtic, some Egyptian, some nature... the list could literally fill this blog. Can we embrace everyone? Are we seen as the people who are screaming in traffic only to have our bumper stickers say "Coexist"; "The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot"; "My other car is a Broom"; "Ankh if you love Isis"... again the list can go on forever.

We need to set an example. We need to as, my friend says, "be the better witch." We already have enough grief from outside our group, (being called devil worshipers and the like) we don't need to add to it!
After signing up to do this project I had a series of nightmares involving a group of Pagans. I expected problems. Sadly that is what my unconscious associated "group of Pagans" with: drama. Although this seems counter intuitive as we pride ourselves on our diversity! My experience shows a group quick to spread and believe gossip, and a lack of tolerance.  (I am exited to see how wonderful this project has been and am really glad I pushed through my fears.)

I am a healer. I have taken the Hippocratic oath. I have pledged to "Do no harm."  Later in life I took another oath which says:  "And it Harm None, Do What Ye Will."
I am out of the closet. Recently I had a friend tell me that a person that I met through her and friended on Facebook asked about me being Pagan. He was excited that I am Pagan and Poly and open about both. He was excited to have such diversity in his friends. I want to make all the people that fall under those labels proud. I work everyday on making the best ME I can be.  I am often misunderstood, and have often been the center of gossip. I have at times fallen into the habit of talking about others. I am then angry with myself about it later.  I am the ONLY person responsible for MY behavior. ME.

Please remember that our actions are as loud as our words. Be the Best that you can be.

-Blessed Be


  1. Your experience with Pagans in groups is very similar to mine... Right down to getting pulled into the drama and gossip mongering.. I have pulled far away from most people and interacting with this group has shown me a side of pagan community I had long given up on... I think we are finally growing up and becoming adults within our faiths.

  2. This is a post everyone should read. Well said, my friend. :)

  3. So many great points here! And you are absolutely right. I know I've caught myself in situations with behavior not to be proud of. I try to correct it when I can, but more importantly... I try to stop and reverse it before I exhibit it. Something to think about. Thank you for this great post to PBP!


  4. I have often said that we, as Pagans, cannot treat other faiths the way we have been treated. We know, better than most, how it feels to be ostracized, gossiped about and denigrated for our beliefs & should strive to never do that to someone else.

    Many Pagan groups are made up of people who are still angry at other faiths, angry at their parents, angry at the world. They find other Pagans & think, "Oh, they think the same way I do!" and join groups. The people who stay in those particular groups do all feel the same, the ones who don't, get tired of the drama & move on.

    When you are grown up in your faith & are following your path because it's feels right to you & not to rebel against something, the drama & intolerance fall by the wayside. Do I still yell at traffic? Yeah, sadly, but usually only if they almost get me killed :)

  5. "Amen" to coin a Christian phrase. I wrote on another blog and said I'm considering writing C for catty - especially women pulling each other down or comparing ourselves. I truely believe there has been enough of this behavior. I am also very careful who I tell about my spiritual path - for fear of the drama.

    I trully believe - lead by example and treat everyone with respect and walk away from the drama.

  6. I agree 100%. I am lucky enough to be part of a rare group of Pagans that don't involve themselves in drama. However, the drama does affect me in many ways. For instance, I am working on a book, but am terrified to publish it for fear that if I get one small thing "wrong", I will be torn apart and lose what small name I have made for myself in the community. Anyway, your post is very well written. Thank you for putting into words what many of us feel.

  7. I agree with you 100%. Drama is why I remain solitary. I've never saw a group however small or large that hasn't had its fair share of drama. I just try to stay out of it. Its nice to meet up with groups once in awhile, but I wish to remain a free spirit.

  8. Thank you for posting this! I have a wonderful pagan group now who are all very mature (but sometimes we act like we're 12 just for the fun of it) and it's great to be in a group with very little drama. I've been in drama-filled groups in the past and it's not any fun at all!!!

    Whenever we meet someone new and let them know that we're pagan, we are representing the whole group of pagans to them .. we should show what should be! And be on our best behavior!

    Great reminder.

    1. *hug*

      You KNOW I agree with this, so much.

      Love you lady.