Friday, January 13, 2012


My Greenman and I have many of our PBP planned out. I decided to do Altars. Then I saw how many people posted on altars and instead of being dissuaded I was inspired! Our recent pregnancy exhausted me. We currently do not have an altar set up. We have been saying for months that it has to happen and now? It WILL! Because I will have a picture of it for this blog! Thank you again Rowan Pendragon for inspiring us to be better pagans! <3

I want to start with why altars are important to me. For me they show respect and honor. They show that the Lord and Lady have a place in my home and my life. They keep me on top of my spiritual practice. They remind me to be on a daily basis to practice my faith.

Altars are very personal and can have a variety of components. I also change the components to fit the season, ritual, God or Goddess I am honoring... the list of reasons is endless. For example: sometimes I use a chalice to represent Goddess, sometimes a silver candle, sometimes a statue, sometimes something that represents the Goddess I am working with.

I have pictures of previous altars I will add at the end too but the altar I am setting up now is a shared altar with my Greenman in our Magickal sanctuary. The goal is to have at least one family altar set up again very soon.
The Altar that I set up was for the Wolf Moon.

It is a simple altar with candles for the 4 directions, one for God and Goddess; wood for earth, smudge stick for air, shells for water; small statue of Gaia; water in the upper left corner to receive the Full Moon's blessing' a celtic pentagram; a wolf's skull; and several crystals including one for each of the 4 directions with a wolf in the middle

The BEST part about our altar was lighting it with our daughter! <(:-)

This is currently my favoritist picture EVER

 So YES! We now have an altar set up in our house again!!! This year is already starting off amazing! :)

These are some altars from the past... 
enjoy :)

This was a working altar that I was using for self love. 

This was an altar I had set up in my room.

This was a simple altar we used for an Imbloc ritual.

This was a crystal grid altar.

Ostara Altar. 

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