Friday, July 8, 2011


I don't think that I had ever read a blog before I became addicted to Twitter.  Twitter opened my eyes to a wonderful world of people and bloggers. I originally thought of the 3 bloggers that I follow consistently and then I really thought about all the people's blogs I do read... they all have Twitter names because that is where I found them :) I read a LOT more Blogs than I thought! As I start my Blogging adventure I wanted to give acknowledgment to the people who inspire me. :)
@jessimica76 Jessica is the one exception to this rule. I did not find her on Twitter, we were friends before we were Twitter friends and now we are dear friends and she is an awesome roommate.
@EmilyShearing I adore her world and her writing. She makes fashion exciting, and I don't even like fashion! She promises me one day she will help with my very own What Not To Wear Rochester style :)
@QueenofSpain Her fight with Lupus, her passion for politics, her beautiful family, she feels like family and I adore this Spoonie :)
@Craftyb Once an acquaintance, now a dear friend, her passion and creativity never cease to amaze me. I also love to steal her beautiful children.
@inmyheadstudios  A beautiful, creative soul. Words can not express my love for this person.
@Lesism His struggles and transformations are beautiful. His outlook on life is stunning.
@kitchenwitch This is the blog I read most often. (it helps that she posts on Twitter when she updates her blog) We share similar beliefs and values. Her honesty and sincerity have me celebrating or crying with her. I really like the style of her blog posts. It is she who truly inspired me to blog. <3

Blessed Be

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  1. Um. Ok. Yeah. I am bawling my eyes out right now about this and your first post. You are light, my beautiful fae. Thank you for considering me as part of this group! I am humbled.